What camera do you use?
I’ve used many cameras on this blog, as I’m always trying to catch up with ever changing technology. I currently take my pictures with a Canon 6D, but I’ve used a Nikon D5100, Nikon D40, D40x, D80, D90, D7000, and Canon Rebel T2i in the past.


What does DB stand for?
Dear Boyfriend


With all of your baking, how do you stay thin?
Truth of the matter is that I give out 90 percent of what I bake. I either bring it to work, give it to my DB’s friends, or take them to get togethers. I only take bites of what I make to test it out, so that I know what I need to adjust the next time around. I also take bites for photos. :)


Out of all the things that you’ve baked, what is your favorite?
For cakes, it’s hands down my aunt’s carrot cake recipe. As for cookies, I’m a simple cookie kinda gal. Snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies will do. Oh, these Nutella ones sure hit the spot as well.


What platform is your blog hosted on?
I started out on Blogger, but recently made the move to WordPress.


Do you make a living off of blogging?
I wish! I actually work full time as a flight attendant. Blogging doesn’t give you health benefits, you know.


Do you get paid to blog?
Literally, no. I don’t get paid for every post I make, but I do get some revenue from ad space and sponsored posts.


What did you study in school?
I was a Political Science major because I originally intended to go into law. It wasn’t until the end of my junior year that I realized law was definitely not for me. At least one good thing came from it; If it wasn’t for me being a poli sci major, I never would have gotten to know my DB! (He was a psychology major with a political science as a minor, so we shared the same class… but that’s a whole other story)


What ethnicity are you?
I’m vietnamese, although no one ever guesses that on the first try.


Who taught you how to bake?
Everything that I do in the kitchen, I taught myself. I’ve learned and keep learning from my own experiences. My mom never baked, like….ever. There were never any baked goods in my house, so I’m making up for it in mine. :)


Do you own a Kitchenaid mixer?
Yes! It’s made a world of a difference in my kitchen and gets used almost daily.


Any advice on starting my own blog?
Buy your domain name right away! Keep your URL short and easy to remember. Post often, post pictures, and write about things you know and love. There may be a lot of negativity in the blog reader world, but keep your head up! Don’t let one negative comment ruin your blogging path.