Ronald Reagan’s Centennial Celebration Cupcake







Remember back when I was majorly stressing over work and the grand re-opening of the museum? Well, at least my work was nice enough to give us all cupcakes to celebrate the weekend. These were baked by the local Four Seasons hotel in honor of what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.
It was a plain chocolate cupcake with vanilla whipped frosting. Jelly Bellys (Reagan’s favorite) were sprinkled on the top of the cupcake and a white chocolate disc imprinted with the centennial logo finished it off. It sure looked pretty!
The packaging was just darling. You could tell that a lot of work went into each individual cupcake. But as for the cupcake itself? Dry, a bit bland, and unimpressive. C’mon now Four Seasons… if you charge that much for a night at the hotel, couldn’t you at least make a decent cupcake?! The frosting was good, though.
PS. Sorry this post is so delayed. I really should have posted it last week. Better late than never!
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    i remember going to the jelly belly factory and hearing that regan loved jelly beans. so sad that the cupcake didn’t taste that great. =(

    i really like how you have the background of this blog match your twitter background. it’s simple, but still very cute!

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