Nutty, Chocolaty, Swirly Sour Cream Bundt Cake

I know, I know.. another recipe from Dorie?! I just couldn’t help it. Her book is too good, how can you resist? I’ve always been intrigued of baking with sour cream… it always produces the moistest cakes! I would have never thought of using sour cream in baking; it just seems so contradictory. But who am I kidding, with all these bacon related desserts popping up, I’m really beginning to second guess myself.

This recipe was perfect (except that I pulled it out of the pan a little bit early and the top fell apart, hence no picture of the complete product). It was light, fluffy, moist, and flavorful. I loved how the sugar mixture hardened a bit and had a bit of a crunch. The nuts were a nice touch, but I would probably leave them out next time because I’m not that big of a fan of nuts. I would probably leave the chocolate pieces out, too, because I’m a simple kinda girl. It would actually taste like the cinnamon crumb coffee cake from Starbucks. Delish!

Now you must be wondering, “where’s the recipe”?! I’m sorry to say that I’m not posting this recipe because I’ve already posted one from her, and I really think you should buy her book! This recipe is found on page 182 of Baking: From my Home to Yours. Trust me, it’s really worth it. If there’s only one book you buy this year, make it this one!

I’ll be out for the next couple days since I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow at 11AM. :( I’m actually kind of nervous about being knocked out, since I have never been knocked out in my entire life. Any words of advice? My meals for the next couple of days will consist of yogurt and smoothies. Wonderful!




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    Worth to read your Blog..I like this cake.. and using sour cream is also give a better taste in a cake texture…Can I have the Recipe Pls..?

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    Good luck with your wisdom teeth. just relax when you go in… they’ll probably either give you gas or a shot to make you sleep… and make you count backwards from 10. you won’t make it to 7.
    You won’t be able to eat a lot of stuff for awhile, and your cheeks will probably swell up and look like a chipmunk. :) My bra came in handy during this time because I just filled each cup with ice and tied it to my face. LOL. the same works with socks.
    make sure they prescribe you something like vicodin for the pain.

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    mmm…we used to have a sour cream coffee cake recipe that i LOVED. i miss it. sour cream is amazing isn’t it? have you ever baked with mayonnaise? sounds crazy and a little gross doesn’t it. i’ve actually done one or two cakes that called for mayo and they turned out super moist and delicious with no flavor of the stuff. ha, crazy.
    anyway, this coffee cake looks great!
    also i just made your ‘toffee, almond and chocolate cookies’ last night and mmmm….talk about a PACKED cookie! nom nom.
    thanks for such a great blog-i realllly enjoy it. baking makes me so happy.
    good luck with the wisdom teeth! hmmm i don’t think i have any advice, but i did notice that when i got mine out i lost a little weight eating all that liquid stuff. added bonus! :)

    sorry, super long comment.

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    Just got this book in the mail TODAY! Thank goodness! This looks delicious. Good luck with the wisdom teeth, I got mine out about 2 years ago and it was surprisingly fun. Ice cream for a week and an excuse to lounge around!

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    Hi there,
    Your blog is awesome! I took the time to go through your site and I saved several of your recipes! You’re very talented.
    I was wondering if there is a reason you don’t post your recipes in some blog entries?
    There are a few I would love to have!! :)
    If possible, please email me at

    Thanks so much!!!

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