It’s just been one of those days..

…You know, one of those days where you don’t want to do anything, one where you just want to lay in bed all day and watch movies, one where you just never want to change out of your PJ’s. Well, today was that kind of day. I had just finished planning a spring break trip for 10 people to Lake Tahoe in three weeks, studying for a quiz, and listing/shipping out all my Ebay items. What better way to reward myself than with chocolate cake? Oh, I know! Let’s add ice cream, maraschino cherries, chocolate syrup, and caramel sauce and call it a day. ;)
I must admit that the chocolate cake was made from a box– hey, I told you it was one of those lazy days! Even though it was baked from a box, it still satisfied my chocolate craving. Sometimes that’s all you need– a good ol’ box mixed cake topped with spoonfuls of cake batter cookie dough ice cream, cherries, and syrup. I cuddled up in bed with my chocolate cake sundae and started reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, Pioneer Woman’s tale of how she met her husband. Once I started reading, I was hooked. I probably spent a good hour, if not more, going through chapter by chapter reading this amazing love story. My boyfriend thought that I was being a sappy/typical girl for “aww-ing” at the end of each chapter and spending so much time reading romance stories. WARNING: Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop (Not to mention that her food blog is also very inspiring and well worth your time)! So if you have time, I’d recommend reading her story from beginning to end. It truly shows how amazing love is and it’s capacity.
So, sorry there isn’t a recipe for today.. But stay tuned for my next post, for I assure you there will be a recipe. I’ll be blogging about cupcakes and doing my very first giveaway in celebration of my 100th post! Hooray!




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    I welcome those lazy days when they come as they seem not to very often! enjoy it! Lake Tahoe trip sounds so nice! That ice cream sunday!! mmmm

  2. says

    Me too when come to a lazy day, I will just go down to fast food rest and sit there and eat with surfing internets…That is the best day for me…!!

  3. says

    I too read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels in one sitting! Pioneer Woman rocks! Did you see that she’s going to do a cake pop baking thing with Bakerella??? You won’t wanna miss it!

  4. says

    How funny! You know what? I finished reading her story last night with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

    She’s supposed to have another chapter out over the next day or so. I’ll be honest she needs to finish it already!!! Also, can her story be real or do you think it’s been idealized in her head from so many years ago? Either way she tells a good and funny story. I’m half in love with the Marlboro Man myself! :-)Luckily my Honey, has beautiful bright blues and nice strong arms, too.

  5. Laura says

    how many cookies can this recipe make? cuase i need to make chocolate chip cookies for at leasy 80 people >.<

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