Everything Cookies

I came home early today and surprise, surprise.. I was in a baking mood. I decided to make my dad’s favorite cookies for him when he comes home from work. This is an old family recipe handed down to me from my aunt. When I say that they are “everything” cookies, they really are everything cookies! They have coconut, nuts, corn flakes, & oatmeal. I normally don’t like nut or coconut cookies, but these are an exception. I think these are more of a “sophisticated” cookie.. meaning that these are aimed to please the adults rather than kids. All the parents on my cul-da-sac LOVE these! But the kids.. not so much.

P.S. My one year blog anniversary was yesterday! Too bad I didn’t bake then.




  1. Terica says

    Yes… I really really want to make these for my Christmas Cookie box! I will be checking in the morning- I hope you have them up there!

  2. Magdalene says

    Hey! Your first picture looks like the cookie is flying!!! Hahahaha. And I love reading your blog, everything looks soooo good. (: Just out of curiousity, where are you from? As in like… Your asian descent haha.

  3. says

    Magdalene- Thank you for your kind words! I’m full Vietnamese. Actually, my dad tells me that there’s also Moroccan in our blood, but like 1/25th, if that. haha.

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