Bakerella’s Cupcake Pops

But wait… what’s inside these precious little cupcakes?

…Red velvet cake, of course! Bite sized desserts are the best because they’re always the perfect amount. You can get more if you want more, or just a tiny bit if you only wanted something small. Bakerella’s (link under my favorite blog) cupcake pops have basically exploded over the flood blog world and I thought I’d give them a try because they’re so cute! It took a bit of practice before I got them looking just right. They’re so simple to make and appealing to the eye. They were a hit at my boyfriend’s sister’s baby shower! The shell is made out of molded chocolate; The bottom half is created using a candy mold and the top is simply dipped into a colored vanilla flavored chocolate. I’ll definitely be making these again to bring to other parties.




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